Fibro Warrior Creates Exercise Program Just For Us!

By Donna Gregory Burch.

Exercise is a sore subject (literally!) in the fibromyalgia community. That’s why I’ve avoided writing about it for so long. I know a lot of fibro warriors will agree with me when I say I’m sick of hearing doctors and researchers tell me that I’ll feel better if I just exercise. But I also know, based on the current research, they’re probably right.

The problem is when we’re struggling to get the basics done each day, like showering and prepping meals, the idea of taking a power walk around the neighborhood is just ludicrous. Even 10 minutes of yoga is enough to send most of us into a days-long flare.

As someone who used to do 5Ks, I really WANT to exercise, but when I’ve attempted it in the past, it just made my pain and fatigue so much worse. (There’s actually a name for this: post-exertional malaise, and it’s a real thing, despite the fact that most doctors have never heard of it.) I learned very quickly that standard exercise programs just don’t work for me. They’re too strenuous and stressful for my body.

Over the years, I’ve wished there was an exercise program designed just for people with fibromyalgia and similar conditions, and now I’ve found one! Andrea Wool developed Autoimmune Strong after becoming ill with fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and celiac following the birth of her second son. Like many of us, she couldn’t find solutions for her health issues within the paradigm of conventional medicine and decided to see if lifestyle changes might improve her symptoms, but that only led to yet another challenge: Most exercise programs are designed for (at least semi-) healthy people and don’t address the physical limitations of living with a debilitating chronic illness. Normal exercise would cause her to crash.

Eventually, Andrea decided to devise her own exercise program to heal her body and is now sharing it with others. I’ve watched the first few videos of Autoimmune Strong, and I immediately knew I wanted to share it with my readers. Andrea’s approach is so slow and gentle that I think her program may help those of us who want to begin an exercise routine, but don’t have the stamina for traditional workouts.

So today, I’m sharing a Q & A with Andrea where we discuss her health struggles, how those inspired the creation of Autoimmune Strong and how her program answers the need for gentle movement within the fibromyalgia community. I hope you enjoy our interview.

You’ve had a number of health challenges, including fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and celiac disease. Can you share your story of chronic illness?

Almost 6 years ago, I was very sick. I had just given birth to my second son, and I just knew something was really wrong with my body. I was exhausted with mind-numbing fatigue. I was rapidly gaining weight, and I had constant, fiery and intense pain all over my body at all times.

I saw many medical doctors, most of whom told me that I was fine. But obviously, I was NOT fine. I was so sick I had to quit my job. I was desperate for anything that could help me get better. I started to look at the things I could control – what I ate and movedbody.Over time, I pieced together a food-based healing protocol I thought could work. I started by eliminating gluten, then sugar, dairy, alcohol, and caffeine. I started eliminating processed foods and buying only organic produce and meat.
I was on maternity leave with a newborn and a 3 year old at home, and I was completely unable to care for my babies, my household or myself. I needed constant support from my mom and my husband just to make it through each day. Simple everyday things like playing on the floor with my son, or carrying my infant up the stairs, or going to the grocery store would be impossible, debilitating. I spent the days in tears, in incredible pain all over. The exhaustion was intense and overwhelming.

Having been an athlete all my life, I knew movement needed to be a part of the healing as well. I hired a personal trainer and started to move again, but it was really tough. I was too weak to do any of the things I used to do, and the workouts we were doing were causing intense flare-ups in my body. I would feel great for a week, and then crushed for two weeks with exhaustion and fatigue. After a few months of this self-designed protocol, I was starting to feel better, and I realized that I was on the right path. But I was by no means back to “normal,” and I needed to know how to get there. I wanted to know what I was missing. So I made a big decision – I decided to go back to school. I became a nutritional therapy practitioner and a certified personal trainer so I could learn more and go deeper into my own healing.

Two years into this process, I finally was diagnosed with Hashimotos [thyroiditis], celiac and fibromyalgia, and my doctors continue to be amazed at my personal healing journey using only food and movement. I now hope to inspire others, that they too can create their own healing journey and that they don’t have to suffer in pain forever.


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