6 Stages of Fibromyalgia


Stage 3

You are in constant pain, you are constantly tired,

you wonder whether you will be ever able to function normally again.

You are considering not working, because you no longer have the energy you once had,

you come home from work and all you can do is rest. You have to turn down invitations,

you have no energy left and you have to rest up just to go back tomorrow.

In this stage you start to feel more alone, and more and more people are beginning to think you whine too much.

This stage can last a long time, perhaps years.

Stage 4

You are in unrelenting pain all the time, good days are few and far between.

You are calling into work sick more than you even make it in.

You are in bed a good portion of your day.

When you do have a good day you take advantage of it,

and do as much as you can,

all the things you have left in the past weeks you cram into your day,

knowing well that tomorrow you will be paying for it. Your flares last for days.

By this time your friends make plans without you,


they already know your excuses and are nearly certain you will not be able to join in.

Your family begins to think you are using fibromyalgia as an excuse to not do things,

because stages 1-3 you were able to do much of what you just can’t do now.

They think you are using your illness as an excuse, you feel alone, isolated, worried, emotional, sad.


This stage can last years.

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